Highly motivated and seasoned software professional with 20 years of relevant work experience.

Considered an excellent manager by senior management and peers.

Considered a respected leader, coach, and mentor by team members.

Recognized as a true innovator, acknowledged by several awards at NAVTEQ, most notably the "Inventor of the Decade" award in 2000 and the "Navigator" award in 1999.

Progressed from successfully leading small colocated development teams to successfully leading large, multi-site, global teams.

Repeatedly selected to lead mission critical projects.

Described as a "players' coach" who can effectively negotiate in the board room.

Unique leadership skills based on solid technical experience and management maturity.

Responsible for revolutionizing NAVTEQ's mapping operations through software innovation.

Seeking an executive level technical position where I can leverage my unique talents and experiences to deliver significant value to a progressive organization.